Michele Rosenthal

We only have one life to live it’s important to live it beautifully!

The Paris House Designs, “The World Is My Playground”,Entertaining and Design ideas from around the world, Workshop  class schedule:

Michele Rosenthal of The Paris House Designs, teaches classes on Entertaining ideas from around the World out of her 200 year old Farmhouse in Long Valley, NJ.  As a   party planner and World traveler, Michele gives talks on wonderful places around the world. Come and Enjoy a film strip on points of interest, sample appetizers from that region, a special cocktail, be inspired by a gorgeous table setting, craft and floral ideas that tie the entire theme together all while relaxing in a gorgeous 200 year old stone and clapboard farmhouse.  Weather permitting enjoy the beautiful gardens at this lovely historic home.

Each student takes home a handout, complete with an outline of the filmstrip, recipes and other inspirational ideas as well as a Shortcut and Budgets section to help you plan a great party without spending a fortune or it take a lot of time.  The Paris House’s motto is, “We Only Have One Life To Live It Is Important To Live It Beautifully”.  Visit our beautifully designed website to learn more about The Paris House Designs.0

All classes are $65.00 unless otherwise specified , first come first serve basis upon the receipt of your check, cancellations are given only if there is a waiting list and we can fill your seat. www.theparishouse.com theparishouse@comcast.net 908 876-4356, 908 581-7200 , 908 876-9816

Welcome to BUNNYLAND The House of Style and Fun!! My Blog is A BUNNY’S TALE ON MARRIAGE MOTHERHOOD AND DOMESTIC BLISS. I live on a little farm in the country in our 200 year old historic stone and clapboard home. I spend my days creating a blissful life for my husband, three sons, pets, family and friends. I also own a party planning and design business. I write for various food related sites and have recently published my first children’s book. I also design jewelry and have designed my “Earth Mother” ring for several Hollywood starlets!! I love to travel, read, garden, cook, bake, create fabulous table settings, do yoga, workout daily, paint, sketch, work on our farmhouse, laugh so hard I can’t catch my breath, drink delicious cocktails, engage in silly pranks, and spend every minute with my loved ones. ( oh, and I pray daily and always remember my loved ones that have passed)

I am truly obsessed with the art of creating, designing and living a beautiful life!

For the past 20 years Michele Rosenthal!, the owner of The Paris House Designs has been busy creating beautiful home interiors as well as some of the most unique and unforgettable events and parties imaginable.

The designer travels the world, bringing back one of a kind pieces, and  nique ideas and inspiration that are used in her interiors and special events. Prior to opening her own business she was in charge of special events and  community relations where she helped launch a multi-million dollar healthcare organization. (Her education consists of a degree in business marketing and a degree in interior design. She has also studied French in Paris, France where she fell in love with antiques and all aspects of art and design.)
The designer also credits her two grandmothers Margaret and Carmella with exposing her to the craft of cooking and antiques at a very young age. “My grandmother Margaret would spend hours telling me about all the wonderful English and American furniture that she grew up with in her home in rural upstate New York when she was a child. “I was fascinated with antique hoosiers by the time I was 8 and purchased my own in my 20’s.” “My grandmother Carmella cooked and baked the most delicious food her entire life.” “Just seeing how happy she made other people by created meals with her own hands made realize at a very young age that cooking for your loved ones is one of the greatest gifts you can give them.”

The Paris House is located in Michele’s 200 year old stone and clapboard home in beautiful Long Valley, NJ, which won an impressive Historical Preservation award in 2001. It is there that she combines all of her creativity with her favorite finds she gathers while traveling the world to give her an endless array of inspiration to help her clients have the most beautifully designed rooms and most unforgettable events and parties that The Paris House is known for.

Michele has also designed a gorgeous high-end ring, “The Earth Mother Ring”, where mothers can custom design their ring to coordinate with their children’s birthstones, it is a stunning piece of jewelry and there are more pieces to come.

Michele has finished two children’s books and is currently at work on a design and entertaining book, a cooking card game and hopes to start working on a home fragrance collection of candles, incense, and home fragrance sprays that are non toxic and based on fragrances from around the world.
Michele’s other hobbies and interests include spending time with her husband and three children, cooking, painting. She and her family are avid gardeners, enjoy travel, spending time with their pets and volunteering in their community, they visit a local nursing home where they spend time visiting with all the seniors where just seeing the smiles on their faces and how happy her children make them makes her want to continue and find more ways to give back to the community. Her oldest son Sam, has been asking for donations to St. Judes childrens’ hospital in place of birthday gifts from friends as well as books that he donates to local after school programs for several years now, something that thankfully has inspired other children to do the same. “It is important for us to teach our children at a young age to give back to their community and the world they live in. We all need to make a difference and can make a difference.” Other hobbies include, studying French, fitness and exercise , yoga, tennis, soaring hundreds of feet above the trees in Costa Rica on zip line canopy tours, (when you live with all boys you need to be a real thrill seeker or you’ll be left out!!) reading, going to Yankee games, watching all sports, especially Michele’s favorite sport, boxing , where she prepares a fun dinner that she and her husband refer to “Fight Night” Where they hang out, drink some beer and eat party type food such as delicious spicy buffalo shrimp, inspired from a recipe she discovered while on vacation at their family vacation home in Florida, she serves this with her homemade blue cheese dip. Fondly called” Bunny’s Blue Cheese dip”. (Her husband and close friends call her Bunny). Michele’s energy and love of life is what drives her to be creative and enjoy everyday to the fullest. Her goals in life are to raise her family surrounded by love and beauty and to teach others that living a beautiful life need not be expensive, difficult or time consuming. She offers shortcut and budget saving tips when time or money is an issue, helping everyone achieve a beautiful life.

Whether The Paris House designs a room in your home or designs and organizes a party or special event for you – every detail is paid attention to.

“I have even helped to coordinate my clients outfit, jewelry, and perfume to go beautifully with their party”. “I love Gardening, cooking, entertaining, design, travel, antiquing and fashion, and I am constantly incorporating the best of all those crafts into my life, my family’s life, and the lives of my clients.” “I am truly obsessed with the art of creating, designing, and living a beautiful life” “We only have one life to live, it is important to live it beautifully.”

Things I enjoy:

  • Spending time with my family, friends, and pets
  • Traveling anywhere in the world at any given time
  • The Battenkill River in Arlington , Vermont
  • Annick Goutal’s Rose scented crème Splendide for the body
  • Four inch high heels, usually Jimmy Choo
  • Sweets, pretty much all kinds of desserts
  • Working out on a daily basis
  • Reading, and reading to my 3 children
  • Throwing theme parties on a regular basis
  • My computer, it is so easy to shop!!!!
  • Jeans
  • My Earth Mother ring, it is beautiful at night having cocktails or in the morning grocery shopping
  • Taking photos with my digital camera
  • My “secret” perfume from Hawaii mixed with my other “secret” perfume from Paris . Oh it is so pretty
  • Antiques, I am a rescuer of the past
  • My beautifully colored swizzle sticks from London
  • My Halloween collections
  • My 200 year old farmhouse in New Jersey
  • Laura Mercier and Jo Malone’s products
  • Fashion
  • Spending time at our family’s condo in Florida
  • Painting and drawing
  • And of course gardening!!!
  • New York City , everything about it