Magdalena’s Adventures

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Chapter 1: Tennis Anyone

Chapter 2: Magdalena in Manhattan

Chapter 3: Magdalena and The Party at La Grenouille

Chapter 4: Business, Cocktails and Gorgeous Men

Chapter 5: Magdalena Gets Down To Business

Chapter 6: Magdalena and The Prince Make a Deal

Chapter 7: Magdalena Hosts a Dinner Party at The Paris House

Chapter 8: Magdalena’s Day at The Spa

Chapter 9:  Magdalena’s Venetian Affair

Chapter 10:  The First Kiss and Off To Napa

Chapter 11: Magdalena Under The Great Awning, Saratoga Springs NY

Chapter 12: Christopher

Chapter 13: The Prince’s Daughter and The Lover’s Triangle

Chapter 14:  Magdalena’s Christmas in Old Quebec City