Magdalena’s Adventures Christmas in Old Quebec City

December 16th, 2012
Magdalena’s Adventures
Christmas in Old Quebec City
Chapter 14
A Young Woman Travels the World Looking for Love & Adventure, Written by Michele Rosenthal
I’m a woman in my mid 20’s who is a force in Real Estate, a World Traveller, Fashionista and Entertainer Extraordinaire. My Passions include the Boutique Hotel I am launching in Kiribati, the most remote place on Earth and Christopher my lover. Join me as I travel the world bringing you the most delicious recipes, travel tips, sex and scandal. And watch me win over the man of my dreams. My amazing family and friends will be there adding to the drama and mystery. There will be Princes from Saudi Arabia and Italian Lovers from Boarding school. Ooh La La its an adventure you won’t want to miss.
The driver opened the door of the black mercedes letting Magdalena and Christopher out. The cold Manhattan air stung their faces almost instantly after coming from the warmth of the car. There was an unmistakable excitement in the air that only comes around once a year at Christmastime. The store windows and shops were decorated beautifully and lovers walked arm in arm. People from all over the world came to the city to see the tree and famous window decorations. You could smell candy and butter in the air. The bakeries and candy shoppes were filled with decadent treats and pastries. Young children walked by wearing hats that resembled elves with huge smiles on their faces. The store windows were straight of a Christmas storybook, Magdalena thought she perhaps had fallen into a real life Candyland game. Magdalena slipped her arm through Christopher’s and smiled up at him taking in his beautiful blue eyes that seemed even bluer and sparklier with the white snow reflecting off of them. He smelled like him, there was no other way to describe it. It was his skin, clean, sexy and it made her dizzy every time he was near her.
So much has happened since they were at the hotel in upstate NY and made love for the first time. Some days Christopher seemed to be so happy and she felt he loved her more than anything in the world other times he seemed more distant and distracted. But wasn’t that typical of most men, especially men as powerful and successful as Christopher. The ordeal with Harper was complete chaos and turmoil after the kidnapping, but thankfully it all turned out okay. Christopher paid her ransom money after the ignorant kidnappers realized they had the wrong girl. It was a difficult time and more drama than she could have ever imagined. Christopher ended his relationship with Harper and focused solely on business and Magdalena.  Looking back on the entire ordeal it seems so unreal, Magdalena has a lot of questions but Harper will not take her calls and the kidnappers escaped. Could the prince really be her father, did her mother return to Paris and rekindle the love affair with him that first started when her mother was still only a 19 year old girl?  When she asked her parents they assured her that her father was indeed her one and only dad and that the prince and the kidnappers have a long history of scandal.  Still she has heard Christopher on the phone late at night trying to get to the bottom of this story.
Harper tried for awhile to convince the kidnappers to believe her story. She wasn’t in the best health during this entire ordeal, finally they allowed her to reach out to Christopher to ask for ransom money to be wired for her release. As crazy as it seemed to her, he hardly questioned this but quickly paid and then as if nothing ever happened she was released and sent to London a free women.  But Harper was a reporter and a scorned women, there was a story here, she knew it and she would spend every minute she could getting to the bottom of this. One unexpected turn of events was a very surprise love affair that started between Harper and one of her captors. He was so kind and caring that she fell in love with him and he was even understanding of her delicate situation.  Masoud was the only rational person out of all the kidnappers and he helped convinced the bunch of amateur captors that this was nothing but a silly escapade of hijinks and stupidity. They were lucky to walk away with $100,000 in ransom money. That was nothing to Christopher and if nothing else Christopher liked to tie up loose ends quickly and move on without any confrontation at all. They seem to have gone on with life for the most part as if nothing ever happened. It was back to business and lots of sex. They spent their evenings at the apartment in NYC or Christopher’s country home in Tewksbury NJ. Occasionally they would fly off to Ireland to his families home to get away from it  all.  They continued to ship items to the South Pacific and even made a few trips down to Kiribati to put the final touches on the boutique hotel and spa that was only weeks away from opening. Their goal was to open for business right after the new year, as usual projects of this nature, especially when dealing in such a remote part of the world will almost always have delays, but things were moving along. Magdalena handled stress beautifully and her best girlfriends Georgina and Schuyler have been there for her every step of the way. Her father still does not know about her love affair with Christopher but her mother seems to suspect they are a couple. Between hours and hours a day of business, sex and fun She had no time to worry about princes, scandal or Harper.
Magdalena pushed all these troubling thoughts from her mind. All that mattered were that they were together in one of her favorite cities in the World. They popped into Gramercy Tavern for lunch and wine and then headed over to 5th avenue for some shopping. They stopped in front of Tiffany’s to admire the windows and to go inside to pick up a few Christmas gifts for Magdalena’s mother. Before they went in Christopher grabbed her firmly and pulled her close to him and kissed her hard on her mouth. God he always tasted so amazing she thought. “Come away with me to Quebec City, We’ll stay at The Hotel Frontenac, make love all night, shop and eat delicious food” said Christopher. “You know I would like nothing more than that, could we leave the day after?” “ You know how much my mother looks forward to all of her children being home for Christmas, and who knows where we will all be next year” said Magdalena. “Of course we’ll fly up first thing the morning after Christmas and stay through New Years, then come back and then its off to Kiribati, sounds perfect” said Christopher. They went into Tiffany’s and picked up some last minute christmas gifts. Christopher bought his mom a new pair of large pearl earrings and Tiffany clutch handbag that Magdalena helped him pick out. Of course he picked up a few things for Magdalena too, all of which he gave her right there in the store. A gorgeous charm bracelet, a necklace with her initial covered in diamonds, a
Tiffany blue large handbag that she loved and said would be perfect for toting around work documents in the South Pacific and a beautiful long silver spoon for mixing cocktails at her bar car,t it had a lovely flower pattern carved in sterling silver on it. Magdalena had the gifts sent to her home in New Jersey but wore the necklace out of the store. He just kept getting more and more perfect she thought. Magdalena bought her mom a few gorgeous crystal flower vases and a very simple modern glass ice bucket. She picked up a letter opener and paper weight for Christopher’s desk and a monogramed cocktail shaker in silver and tan leather and a set of six cut crystal whiskey glasses. She hugged and kissed him thanking him for all the wonderful gifts. They did a little more shopping, she purchased a faux fur hat at Henri Bendel, lots of makeup, jeans, dresses, fur boots and cozy sweaters at Barney’s. She found a gorgeous pair of pink cashmere gloves at J crew, and lots of new lingerie at Victoria Secret. All of these things would be carefully packed by her housekeeper before she left for Old Quebec City with Christopher.
A week later they all gathered at Magdalena’s parents home for a delicious Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner celebration. The home was decorated to the nines, there was a fire going at all times and someone seemed to always be at the piano playing Christmas carols. Her mother prepared delicious food, a seafood salad, lobster appetizers served in champagne coupes, canapés, fillet mignon cooked to perfection, a cheese course from their local cheese shop. There were sweets and a fabulously decorated cake, homemade cookies, fudge and a lovely English trifle. Everything was magical, they all went to mass Christmas Eve to listen to her little brother sing in the choir.  The next morning they were off to Old Quebec City, Magdalena told her parents she was going with her girlfriends, and of course they covered for her. Christopher told them he was going to Ireland to see his parents for a few days.
When their plane landed they took a quick ride in a rented Suburban up to the quaint gorgeous town of Old Quebec City. Everything was covered in pure white powdery snow, the sun was shining brightly and casting shimmering sparkles everywhere. As they drove through the stone archway they passed by ice skaters that were zipping by and spinning around and around on the ice. One adorable young girl with light blue fur ear muffs was really very good and Magdalena wished they had more time to watch her as she was performing what looked like a lovely ballet on the ice. You could hear the Christmas music outside the truck window, it was the perfect holiday ever she thought. They checked into the hotel and headed down to the funicular that led them down to the quaint cobblestone streets way below the grand hotel, you could see the massive turret way above.  You felt as if you were transported to another world, many many years ago. “Oh” Magdalena said out loud almost having to catch her breath. “How incredibly lovely Christopher, I use to come here with my parents when we were young children, but it is even lovelier than I remembered.” They went into a small patisserie to escape the cold and warm up fireside. Christopher ordered Magdalena a cafe creme and he ordered a strong espresso, they shared a piece of Buche de Noel that was decorated with candy mushrooms made from meringues and adorable little reindeer ornamanets. It was fabulous, filled with a chocolate ganache and luscious whipped cream spiked ever so slightly with vanilla. He handed her a soft green envelope with glitter all over it, and when she opened it she saw that he gave her a cooking lesson at the hotel with the head chef. Christopher knew she would enjoy this since she keeps working at improving her cooking skills and while she was at class he could catch up on some business in the hotel room.
Magdalena really enjoyed the class even more than she had expected, she met 3 lovely young women who were visiting from England, the live in the Cotswolds and were quite charming, the four young ladies flirted up a storm with the pastry chef and talked about everything from men to fashion, business and travel. The exchanged emails and cell phone numbers and hoped to meet up again soon. The main part of the cooking lesson was making a buche de Noel which thrilled Magdalena and homemade French baguettes. They were served mugs of steaming hot homemade milk chocolate with Madagascar whipped cream with pink and white candy peppermint swizzle stick candies in giant snowmen mugs. She thoroughly enjoyed the class and thought it was such a thoughtful gift from Christopher. On Christmas day when everyone was asleep at her parents house he had surprised her with yet another gorgeous gift, The Tory Burch fur coat she had been eyeing in the window as they passed by the Tory Burch boutique on Madison Ave. He had his secretary call and order it in a size 2. He enjoyed spoiling her and as much as Magdalena had she was a very kind, appreciative and loving girl, which she got from her mother. Her mom grew up in a middle class family in upstate NY and appreciated all the good fortune that she had been blessed with. When Magdalena returned to the Hotel room after her cooking class she kissed Christopher and practically jumped into his arms wrapping her legs around his waist. They tumbled back onto the king size bed where they made love for hours until she fell asleep in his arms. They woke up around 10pm starving, Christopher ordered room service which they ate fireside in their room drinking a bottle of champagne, Magdalena’s favorite. He was asking her a lot of questions about her mother. He seemed to be irritated about the prince. Maybe it was her imagination, but this was typical of Christopher just when things were going so well, he withdrew and seemed to be very distracted as if he were thinking of someone else and trying to solve a mystery. She looked away from him and out the giant old windows, snow was falling and the night was beautiful.
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