♥The Valentine’s Day Lady is Coming Soon♥

February 8th, 2010

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When I was growing up in Upstate New York We couldn’t wait until Valentine’s Day because after we went to sleep the evening before, when all was quiet in our home there was something very special taking place.  A lovely lady in red and pink with lots of lace would fly in to our home and leave us treats.  Sometimes Cupid would accompany her Loveliness. 

When we awoke in the morning there were a few special gifts wrapped in lovely shades of pink, violet and red and a some chocolate treats for us to enjoy later in the day. 

Growing up without a lot of money, one often must rely on their imagination to create magic.  To this day The Valentine’s Day Lady still comes and now she leaves gifts and bonbons for my three sons.~

~The Following are several ways you can celebrate this Loveliest of Holidays.We have many delicious recipes and craft ideas for the entire family to enjoy….I hope you like them!~  

We live close by The Botanical Gardens in NYC and one of our favorite things to do in the Winter is visit while the train display is up.  It really is quite remarkable, the boys especially love the elaborate trains and I of course, enjoy watching them weave in and out of spectacular flowers.

If you had a case of ‘WINTER BLUES’ going in, You won’t when you leave.

So then, What is one to do apres leurs visite???  Like I have encouraged so many for years…start a little indoor garden.  I love how Julie Marie of Idyllhours brings in her prized and precious geraniums that sit in her lovely breakfast window.  Many of my friends in Manhattan have herbs growing in their windows.  I do have friends, lucky little devils, that have massive sunrooms and the staff to come and care for the plants.  Though with all that help, I don’t think they are involved in the nurturing process and most likely miss out on the rewards and benefits of tending to your garden during the Winter Months.

No matter how large or tres petit, even one plant can add to the quality of the air you breath.

Last year I think I posted a few pictures on our “Candy Train’ party that coincided with Valentine’s Day Week.  I set a table with some of our ‘left over’ poinsettia plants and various pink and purple plants and flowers in our  ‘Jardin Hiver’, then I set a table using my favorite Limoge China from my wedding Registry and wove a train in and around our table setting.  Because I live with all boys, I thought it appropriate fun to add lots of bonbons of course!!

When I tell you even the ‘coolest’ boys will stop playing their video games and are drawn like a magnet to our candy train I am not exaggerating one bit, even the grown up men seem to turn into little boys when in the presence of a train chugging joyful around a table filled with treats.

If time permits this week I think I may change it up a bit but still using my ‘inspiration’ from the wonderful Botanical Gardens, I may just need to break out that old train set for one last bit of winter fun before I am back outdoors in the dirt, where I so love to be. 



We had snow over the weekend and spent the days baking, cooking, eating, playing in the snow, watching an ‘I Love Lucy’ marathon, and of course, watching the Superbowl. One of our favorite things we did this weekend was bake these yummy cookies.

Click to read this post. 




Last year I was asked to teach a class on entertaining for the ‘Newcomer’s’ in our town.  I don’t know anyone in that class since I have lived in this area for over 20 years.  But my web designer is a member and they invited me to teach.  I still can’t believe I actually get paid to do the incredibly fun things I do!  I enjoy giving classes and helping others entertain.

I used several books for inspiration they can all be found in my Amazon Store.

Click to browse through the magazine 




Click on the menu items to go to the recipe. 


 asparagus spears wrapped in prosciutto spread with a garlic herbed Montrachet cheese 

 Sweethearts Salad 

 parslied buttered potatoes

steak au poivre

sugar cookie hearts dipped in chocolate
chocolate coconut truffles


 The Cupid cocktail 
The Paris House signature Strawberry champagne cocktail

 Visit Our CHEERS for great cocktail ideas you can make at Valentine’s Day.





If crafting is your thing then give one of these wreaths a try.  They can be found on here on Martha Stewart.  I made the pistachio wreath about 13 years ago and also made one for my brother Michael as a Valentine’s Day Gift.  Ours is in bad shape now due to the mice in the attic snacking on it.  However the Cockscomb wreath below it, which I also made years ago held up well enough for me to photograph.

 ~ Remember, This Day is NOT just for couples, gather your children, family, friends, anyone who makes you happy~DSCN1632  

This is Rufus, he is our Families early Valentine’s Day Gift.  We rescued this sweet little dog.  He is 2 years old and didn’t have a family, a name or a home.  Now he does. We are in LOVE with our little boy.  I call him Rufie.  


My sweet Oliver not only leaves me love letters and sweet comments on my blog, He also e-mails me daily.  Here are a couple of my favorites:

Oh My mommy i love you,
Oh My mommy,
Oh My mommy yes i dooooooooooooooooooo,

I love you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.
My Angel Mommy

Hi Mommy
Your a cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute mommy! I Love you! & i love you all day & all night!

Have a Great Week and Lovely Valentine’s Day.  I am swamped with Paris House business the rest of the Week.  I’ll be by to visit everyone and then I’ll be back posting early next week.

please visit Foodie Fridays for more delicious recipes 

foodie friday 

~please stop by Tablescape Thursdays at Between Naps on the Porch~ 

tablescape thursdays

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39 Responses to “♥The Valentine’s Day Lady is Coming Soon♥”

  1. All the images are so lovely, and I must really try to make your romantic dinner. But I must confess, those love letters from Oliver just melted me. What a sweet boy! He’ll be the most wonderful husband someday. :)

  2. Bnjour Romance says:

    Bonjour Bunny,

    More lovely ideas and images as usual. I bet all your boys do enjoy that train set buzzing around all those delicious treats. Great ideas for a Sweetheart’s Supper, especially the Steak au Poivre. That little Olliver is the sweetest boy!
    Love your artwork, are they pastels? Thanks for all the fabulous tips.
    Bonne semaine!

  3. Julie Marie says:

    Hello Bunny, what a beautiful post for Valentines Day! As you know, I love gardening and plants of all kinds too! I would love a big sunroom~solarium but not the servants either! I get so much pleasure from gardening, I want to do it all myself! Your cookies are so pretty and it looks like everyone had so much fun making them… your sweetheart supper sounds yummy! I collect vintage cookie cutters too and have all of the ones that were my mama’s that we used when I was a little girl… Rufie is adorable! I am soo happy he found YOU and now has a wonderful home… Oliver’s little love~letters are priceless! Wishing you a beautiful Valentines Day my sweet friend! xoxo Julie Marie

  4. Oliver says:

    Mom this is the best post you have out you are the best the paris house blog is the best blog ever sunday is the day & look at Julie marie’s respons that she rite of me & mom ther is sitill a chrismas thing on the sidebar.

  5. Rufie – more love added to The Paris House! Everything, as usual, is so lovely and that dinner sounds scrumptious. I love the Valentine’s Day Lady, what a wonderful tradition. I know there is always love in your home, you show us that with every post.

    Looks like you found a great way to spend your time while the snow was falling outside. Warm, cozy and full of love.

    I have something for Oliver on my blog today, make sure he stops by.

    xoxoxoxo, Shellbelle

  6. Oliver, I am so happy you enjoyed making cookies! I will try and move the Christmas pictures from the sidebar, thanks for letting me know :)
    I love you
    Mommy bunny

  7. Bunny,this has got to be one of the sweetest posts I have ever seen!!! Oliver is so darn cute, I cant stand it! I love those emails :) And Rufus is adorable!! I am so happy you rescued him! I only have rescued dogs too :) They are the sweetest dogs. Your parents were so wonderful to come up with The Valentine Lady! How fun that must be for all of you! I love all of your ideas and recipes. The cookies look just beautiful! Your family is so loving and sweet Bunny!!! It is refreshing!
    Much love,

  8. Sher says:

    Oh your new puppy seems so lovable! Now he truly has a loving home. We plan on making cookies this weekend too for Valentines day. the boys don’t seem to outgrow this tradition. I’m happy to see you back and cheerful again.

  9. This is so lovely! The Valentines Lady is such a cute storey. I adore your new pup as well. This is so much more fun than the boxed chocolates, haha, I’ve never really celebrated, which is so sad be cause I love pink and red. You’ve inspired me.

  10. What wonderful traditions you have. Your Valentines day seems almost like a christmas. You have made it so much fun. Hope your Valentines Day is amazing daaaaaaaaahling.
    *kisses* HH

  11. Barbara says:

    Oh Bunny, I loved this post! Every photo, every story, every drawing. I would love to come to your house for Valentine’s Day. Well, let’s face it. I would love to visit you anytime!

  12. Gollum says:

    Rhonda pointed me in your direction, and I’m so glad she did. Please tell Oliver he is invited to participate in Foodie Fridays, a weekly recipe carnival. We’d be honored to have him.

  13. So many lovely ideas darling!
    That heart beets is such a clever one!!
    just reading the recipe/ingredients made me salivate!
    I always enjoy looking at all the smallest details in your photo, this time I adore the heart-shape glass plates!
    …and above all, Oliver’s facial expressions are priceless!!!

    xo via warm & humid Singapore*

  14. Schnappy says:

    Hi! your blog is very nice! I like valentin’s day! These photos are very sweet! And cookies, hmmmm, very appetising!
    I wait for you on my blog!

  15. Dear Bunny,

    Valentine’s Day makes you glow! You have such innovative and inspiring ideas my beautiful Valentine Fairy!

    I wanted to thank you for your last comment on my blog about personal style. Your kind words gave me the needed hoist for the cold snowy day. Yep, we now also have snow in Paris.

    Me and Mr. Sweetheart are planning to dine on Saint Valentin in a small Paris restaurant. I’ve set my eyes on one not so far from the Eiffel Tower. My plan is to take a magical walk in the Tower surroundings after the meal… and to remember our engagement three years ago.

    Have a sweet hard-working week!

  16. koralee says:

    I adore all your Valentines…your post is so lovely today.Don’t you just love this month of romanic and love…pretty pink and red…looks like you are enjoying it. xoxoxo Everything is so so sweet. Thanks for leaving such lovely comments for me on my blog sweet one. xoxo

  17. Mimi says:

    I love your newest family member…..he’s adorable! Did you JUST get him?? Oh Bunny, I’ve missed reading your beautiful blog and learning all your fantastic ideas/recipes!!

    I’ve been packing and preparing for the move(18 days to go, I think?). Sending you an email…..


  18. Anita Rivera says:

    Bunny dearest,

    I just love your blog. And that you call your husband Mr. Bunny is amazing BECAUSE……I call mine Mr. Bunny as well! Do you like rabbits? We do too, and we have tons of them in our yard and all over the city!!!

    You have a copious and lovely blog, filled with much eye candy. You have great ideas and I so have enjoyed myself here! Please come by any time for some French, fun, fashion and whatever!

    Bisous ma belle, Anita

  19. Hello Bunny!

    As always, your post are just full of wonderful words, beautiful photos, the best food and the ultimate in entertaining style!

    I can’t cook worth a darn but I do enjoying baking and your cookies look fabulous and wowza, that’s some cookie cutter collection you have! How sweet is Rufus? Rescued pets are the best pets and what a lucky dog to live with such a wonderful family in such a lovely home. Love the Sweetheart Supper…I just love that word supper, reminds me of my grandma!

    Oliver is so cute and love seeing photos of him…Hi Oliver!!

    I haven’t forgotten about your slip Sweet Friend, you’re so tiny and I’m on the hunt for a beautiful one in your size to dye for you!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!!

    Love and hugs,

  20. Gina says:

    Loving all your cute valentines cookies..:) Hope you and the MR. have a very romantic night on the 14th :) Gina x

  21. Delores says:

    Well that was a very fun post to read! Loved it all!

  22. debbie says:

    What a cute post, and lovely blog you have here!!~ mmmm….cherry mojitos sound excellent seeing I am dreaming of summer!!~ Those would be perfect come noon time LOL!!~

  23. Hi beautiful!
    the bungalows are all in black & white…I think uncle Karl Lagerfeld would approve non?!
    so Chanel I thought! Stay warm darling~
    xo fm Singapore*

  24. Hi Bunny, I am so happy to find your wonderul blog. You are a very creative and talented lady. Your artwork is so colorful and whimsical! And your Oliver, sooooo adorable. I’m going back to see all the other fun things on your sassy, girly site.

  25. Sheila says:

    Hi, Bunny! Loved reading this post, and the idea of a candy train is great! I have a little train, and I might borrow this idea. It could have Easter candies, too, and little bunnies riding on it.

    You have a neat blog, and I love your drawings. With the neat recipes, you should hook up to Foodie Friday, too. I loved reading them!


    Sheila :-)

  26. denisemarie says:

    awesome art and great eye candy

  27. Gollum says:

    Oh, there’s adorable Oliver!! I’m so glad you linked up to Foodie Friday. This is wonderful, heartwarming blog–a guaranteed smile-maker.

  28. Anonymous says:

    So much to see here! What a wonderful post!
    xoxo Pattie

  29. Sheila says:

    Hi again, Bunny! I see that you did hook up to Foodie Friday! Yea! It’s always a nice event, and Gollum is so nice and has the neatest blog.

    Wishing you a Happy Foodie Friday and Valentine’s Day, too…


    Sheila :-)

  30. koralee says:

    Hi Bunny…just put up the sweet bag I bought from you before Christmas on my blog. xoxoxoxo I so love it and use it all the time to tote things to school in.

  31. Susan says:

    Bunny-Nice to “meet” you! What a fun full informative post! Love the idea of the Valentine Lady, but what I love the most is the sweet comments from your son…what sweet sincere love! Love the art and the video!

  32. Geri@heartnsoulcooking says:

    WOW!!! what an GREAT!!! post. Love all the ideas.


  33. Duchess says:

    Darling thanks so much for your sweet and caring comments. I treasure our friendship and wanted to wish you a lovely weekend and a love filled Valentine’s Day.

    Love & Hugs

  34. Lia says:

    I love this. Your candy train in amazing. The best part of your post, is course -your adorable little boy.
    Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day. -Lia-

  35. Lovely Valentine’s Bunny!
    cheers! Thinking of you & your beautiful family!!
    this is YUM*=

  36. Sherry says:

    Hi Bunny & Oliver…
    Happy Valentine’s Day to both of you. I tried to go back to Oliver’s blog to post him
    a Happy Valentine’s Day but for some reason it would not go through. I have 7 little
    grandchildren so I know how much they love messages. 4 of mine have blogs and they
    love it when my friends post. Please read my post today to Oliver, he is mentioned in it.
    I knew it would please him.

    Thank you for sharing today. I love to read all the posts about Valentine’s and traditions
    and recipes to share. I love the pictures that you have drawn for your foods, they are so cute.
    Have a beautiful day. Country hugs and love…Sherry

  37. I have an award for you Bunny, my wonderful fellow blogger… because your posts make my days a whole dose sweeter!

    Wishing you the sweetest of Valentine’s!

  38. Hello Michele, what a delightful Valentine’s Day entry! Thank you! Stories from our family traditions are so wonderful – I think so many of them have been lost as families have changed over the past few decades. Thank you for your lovely memories! We are just back from a week in Mexico, and although it was wonderful not having to lift a finger for anything, I missed my home! Your new blog just recharged me as I look forward to being back in my home, and like you, doing all the things I love doing. The Long Valley Woman’s Club antique show is next weekend – I think I’ll head over there and search for something wonderful. Hope all is well!

  39. Martha says:

    What a wonderful Valentine’s post — thank you.

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