The Most Famous Windows in the World

December 22nd, 2009

Happy Happy Holidays Everyone

I hope you enjoy the following images of Window Shopping in Manhattan.  We went in over the weekend and it was glorious.  We made it there in under an hour, there was no traffic, can you imagine no traffic on a Sunday during the holidays!! There was a snow storm over night and I think it scared away a few million people.  Not us, the sun was shining down and we bundled up and had one fantastic day.

{ I just got a new camera, The Nikon Cool pix P90 and I LOVE it, BUT I was messing around with the date button and did not turn it off.  So not only do my lovely photos have the date on it but the wrong date.  My son Sam said after the holidays when I have more time I should be able to photo shop it out..Oh well I’m learning}

We thought we would add a lot of material to this post in case we can’t blog until after Christmas.  We have included the Holiday Windows/Tree in Manhattan,  A yummy Butter Cookie recipe, Lots of Fashion and a couple Holiday Crafts to put in your Holiday Folder to save….

nikon 361

On the way into the city, my little sweetheart was taking a little Holiday nap in his sweet Reindeer Hat.

nikon 366

Yay we are almost there.  I try to never take the fact we live so close to this amazing city for granted.  I always get excited when I go in and I try to go weekly when possible.

nikon 360

Dressing for a casual snowy Winter day in Manhattan.

Dressing comfortably, does not have to mean sweats and that for your workouts.

nikon 344

I wanted to be comfortable and WARM.  I wore jeans from J Crew tucked into Black Fendi Boots.  The black Cashmere sweater is from Autumn Cashmere, I have had it for  years and years and the handbag is Marc Jacobs.  I wore my Grandmother’s Faux Fur Coat over my outfit.

This outfit can easily be duplicated on any budget.  Nine West make fun affordable boots, and Kohl’s, Target etc. have many black sweaters and oversize chic handbags.  Just keep your eyes open and style is everywhere.

This credenza/vanity you see in the picture was designed by The Paris House and built by a local artisan.  It will eventually be topped in a honed marble.  We have done others and top them in all different ways.  It is incredibly Chic and will one day be finished??!!!!?? Now it holds art and craft supplies and Paris House Business Folders.

{Check out the Kate Spade hat on my Mannequin…it travels around the world with me…I don’t like sun on my face and hair!!}

nikon 373

You know how much I love to Swing from the Chandelier…I’ll be right in Kate.

nikon 380

We just love ABC during the Holidays in NYC.  The windows are adorable and the inside is magical.  I have been taking my sons there for years and  years at Christmastime.  I also love the ABC Carpet in Florida near the condo, the after Christmas sales are great.  Not sure when we are getting down that way, but they will send me whatever I need for my clients.

nikon 386

How absolutely gorgeous is this Santa, he is the real deal and Oliver just loves  him.  He comes every year to ABC at Christmastime and then he walks through the restaurants during lunch to say hi to all the children and Me..because I seem as excited as all the kids :)

nikon 387

Another charming area at ABC, I highly recommend it here at Christmas if you have kids.  It is free to see Santa and our lunch was very reasonably priced.  I didn’t shop except to purchase a large strand of hot pink lights for my studio.  They were on sale for $10!!  As far as shopping goes, ABC can be pricey…very pricey.

nikon 411

Oh Mr. Bunny I love you so much

Lunch was yummy.  I opted for a simple Cob Salad and a Strawberry Champagne Cocktail.

Some items on ABC’s Lunch Menu at Pipa tapas y mas ( there is also a Pain Q

Tortilla Espanola

Crispy Calamari

Smoked Salmon Benedict

Brunch Plate

Chocolate filled French Toast

Caldo Gallego

Piggy Back Dates

and much much more.

prices averaged approx. $12 per entree

nikon 398

Fresh and Delicious Strawberry Champagne Cocktails

nikon 427

Inside ABC Carpet

nikon 429

ABC’s Windows

nikon 448

How perfect, to be in Manhattan for the Holidays AND have it be a snowy white day

nikon 432

Macy’s windows were Magical

jnikon 459

More windows in the city ( I’m pretty sure this was Saks)

nikon 456


nikon 454

Cartier is always so glamours and elegant. Wrapped up like a big beautiful gift.

nikon 457

knikon 461

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

nikon 475

The Most Famous Tree in the World..the ice skaters were zipping around and around like out of a storybook.

nikon 495

A Horse Drawn Carriage in Central Park across from The Plaza and Bergdorf Goodman.  It was that glorious blue sky against the white snow that I so adore…I just wish my picture was not blurry, oh well it was lovely.

nikon 502

Hansel and Gretel, at the Ballet

nikon 478

On Madison Ave. , Heading to Barney’s

nikon 483

Barneys’ Famous Windows from the one and only Simon Doonan, the most famous Window Dresser.

nikon 485

More of Barneys’ window

“Live From New York….”

fnikon 486


nikon 528

We are still gift-wrapping like mad over here at The Paris House Designs.

A Glittery Christmas Tree Gift Tag pairs nicely with a festive Christmas Cracker.

Start Collecting basketful’s of wrapping accoutrement’s and then for each holiday, birthday and gift-giving occasions you can get creative.  Like We say, When it comes to gift wrapping “Sometimes its whats on the outside that counts”

nikon 530

Starting to pile the French antique daybed high with Holiday Merriment.

Our style of design is always a mix, antiques paired with modern… a dash of vintage, a pinch of glamour equals Style.

nikon 518

Oliver twisted and rolled these yummy Butter Cookies, but guess who is eating them all…MOI.

I have a ridiculous sweet tooth, and that is why I kill myself working out like I’m training with Lance Armstrong each morning.  I workout to eat these darn cookies!!

Susan Branch Recipe Here

nikon 156

A Holiday Dress perfect for the entire Season

Okay before I plummet down our staircase in my 5″ heels….

Dress is Isaac Mizrahi, Target for only $24.99 YAY for Target

sweet little sparkling handbag- J Crew, $49.00

Shoes, Splurge item, Dior

Diamonds, from my Mr. Bunny

nikon 186

I love going up this staircase in our home, it  has a lot of books that I enjoy pulling out and looking through plus it is elegantly styled with pretty items, including the ‘Spin the Bottle’ you see behind my legs!!

I have funnnn parties!!

nikon 152

I wore this dress to our friends home for their annual and Fabulous Holiday Christmas Party Friday evening. She is an amazing baker, thank goodness I wore a full comfortable dress since I have no self-control when it comes to sweets.

nikon 183

I did eventually get up and we made it to the was great, thanks R& Dr. K we had a blast.

nikon 129

Here is our sweet angel Oliver, the little doll in the red Santa sweater.  It was his first Nursery school concert in the church at his school.  He sang his little heart out.  Oh what JOY.

nikon 467

Sorry about the blurry photo, its The Juicy Couture window

nikon 545

These two fabulous ladies are Barb and Charlotte and they work with my Husband and Brother-in-law.  I have known them for 23 years and just love them to bits.  They are modeling the Scarves from the Paris House Boutique at my husband’s office party.

It was a wonderful party, thanks Barb and Charlotte for hosting this and giving us such a special day, I love you both

(and the gifts you gave us are beautiful)

{ I have one of these scarves and wear over the LBD out to dinner, sadly I do believe we have sold out of them}


This ornament was my Great Grandmother’s and is one of my favorites.  My Grandmother gave it to me and it means the world to me.  I’m betting you all have very special ornaments too.  Some that perhaps are family heirlooms or that your children made in school, some that were possibly purchased on your travels around the World.  It is such a joy to decorate the Christmas Tree each year and have all these memories come flooding back.


This is a craft I did a few years, I found it on Martha Stewart and it was very easy to make, especially if  you like to craft.

I filled them with little chocolates, candies and trinkets and sugar cubes and gave them as little party favors.  They are sparkly and have the cutest little red jingle bells on them.  It may be too late to make them this Christmas but file this away in your folder for next Season.


This is the inside of the box, they are so sweet. Make them HERE


Here is another easy craft to make with your kids.  I use to make these macaroni covered Christmas trees when I was a little girl in Catholic School.  My mother has them in her home.  There is also a silver one on the other side of the ginger bread house.

visit here to see how quick and easy it is to make these.

If you have children or are a child at heart this is a very quick video I took of the animated window’s at Macy’s.  Its cute..enjoy

I wish you all the Merriest Holiday ever and I will see you all soon and am off to visit all your wonderful inspiring blogs

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20 Responses to “The Most Famous Windows in the World”

  1. mom i love Chrismas you no i love you mommy xoxoxoxo oliver

  2. Hi Oliver I see you left me another sweet comment,( the reason my picture came up is because you are on my computer)…Thank you for leaving me these special comments, I love you

  3. Mimi says:

    So much eye candy in this post! Is Mr Bunny enjoying a plate of calamari??? Yummy.

    Could Oliver be any cuter?!!

    Your making me want to go take off my sweater/pajama bottom ensemble and put on a black sweater/jeans and some high boots… that look :)

    Merry Christmas dear Bunny!!

  4. Fantastic post. Thanks so much for taking us shopping with you in NY, how awesome! Looks like so much fun. Love your Fendi boots. Are your feet not totally dying though after a day of walking in NY??? Mine would be throbbing! Still, i know we would be such good friends. HOw do i know? Its your gold Dior shoes daaaaaaaaaahling FAB-U-LOUS! And your love of sweets. Thanks for that tip on the pink dress. Cant believe that target! I’m going to be in FL next month, I’ll look for it.

  5. Sher says:

    OH Bunny I just loved coming with you on your travel to Manhattan! Your little guy is just so precious sleeping in the back seat. It must have been like magic to wake up and suddenly be there. You certainly are a trooper to walk in heels all day. But the Dior shoes ohhhh I’m drooling over lol! I don’t think I could walk in them, but they sure are sexy on you!

    Have a wonderful holiday and a Merry Christmas

  6. Merry Christmas Bunny!
    I so enjoyed your tour of NYC – it brought back so many wonderful and special memories for me. I went to NYC all the time with my dear parents, Christmas was our favorite time. My mother and I shopped our way through the city – the best part was being together!!
    Your little Oliver is adorable in that reindeer hat, how lucky you are, but I think you already know that! Love the hot pink dress, and the DIOR shoes, well, perfection!
    It has been a pleasure getting to know you through your lovely blog and I look forward to many more fun visits.
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful Merry Christmas!

  7. OHHHH Bunny!!! What a fabulous post! Thank you so much for sharing these awesome pics with us!!! It looks like you had just an amazing time! Oliver is soooo cute! You my dear are fabulous as always! Always the best clothes, love the pink dress! THose cookies look so good! I have a ridiculous sweet tooth too, lol! Have a beautiful Christmas sweet friend! I am so glad to have met you this year!
    Love and hugs,

  8. Julie Marie says:

    Hello Bunny… this post is so pretty, and you look so glamorous as always! (I am the one in the jeans and tee shirt!) I have never been to New York but it looks wonderful at this time of year… How precious little Oliver is in his reindeer hat and also singing at church… Wishing you and your family a beautiful Christmas… so happy we met this year… love to you… xoxo Julie Marie

  9. Oh Bunny! Visual Overload!! Your pictures are fabulous and how I loved visiting the city at Christmas time! Your sweet Oliver is so cute!!

    L-O-V-E that fabulous pink dress and the shoes…swoon, sigh, drool!
    May I borrow those fabulous legs of yours? Wowza Bunny!!

    I wanted to let you know how grateful I am that our paths crossed this year. I adore your warm, friendly and caring spirit and thank you for sharing a bounty of loveliness with us. Wishing you and your family a joyous and Merry Christmas!

    Love and hugs,

  10. Fifi Flowers says:

    Thank you for share soooo much FABness!!!
    Merry Christmas… ENJOY!

  11. Everything is so wonderful and Oliver in his reindeer hat and you in your pink dress, well it’s just too fabulous. Pink is definitely your color and I know it is your fav. One of these days I’m going to make it to NY for the holidays, just so I can look in all the windows!

    Bunny, thank you for your sweet, sweet comment. I was so happy to read your husband liked my father’s blue lights, I loved my parents and they were wonderful, I have many happy childhood memories and I see you making those same types of memories with your children all the time.

    Merry Christmas Bunny to you and yours, I look forward to another year spent browsing The Paris House Designs and getting to know you even more!

  12. oooh I could kiss Oliver on my pc screen Bunny!
    Thanks for sharing the photos…you look hot in pink darling!
    Simon Doonan is fabulous…I should get his book.
    Merry Christmas again…I’m planning a small gathering at my humble home, will try to post photos as well~ You are an inspiration*

  13. Kristin says:

    All of these gorgeous photos are getting me SO psyched for my won NYC trip in Feb. And how pretty do you look in pink? Wowza! Happy holidays Bunny!

  14. oliver says:

    Merry Chrismas mommy we wow wow we xoxoxoxo oliver

  15. I love your holiday look! The dress is delicious and the shoes are so luxurious. Good pairing. Thank you also for the Manhattan tour. Wow! Have a very Merry Christmas my dear!

  16. Diane says:

    ” Just keep your eyes open and style is everywhere.” Love your quote…and how true!!!

  17. Oh Bunny, I love this post!!! The tour, the clothes, the food!

  18. Barbara says:

    What a fun posting, Bunny!
    I simple adore ABC too! And love them at Christmas. Nothing like NYC this time of year. (My daughter lives there, remember, so I get to see it in all it’s glory quite frequently!)
    Festive pink dress! In fact, love all your outfits. And especially love Mr. Bunnys photo!

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